Media Coaching

Have you sold out to be successful…only to be overtaken by the incredible stress that occurs when you are not true to yourself?

Do you watch your back as the new anchor/journalist, producer joins the team and you wonder how this will affect your current status…let alone your ability to move up and onward?

Are you encouraged to create award winning segments but not given the time or the support to make it happens? And as a result, the responsibility ends up falling on your shoulders and leaves you feeling bruised and insecure.

Are you burning the candle at both ends, wanting a successful career and trying to maintain a normal family life only to feel that it is never good enough and you aren’t meeting anyone’s needs, including your own?

Do you find yourself questioning your abilities, your appearance, your age and your wisdom? Are you giving in to the pressure to look perfect? You constantly second guess yourself and your anxieties won’t even allow you to relax and be a normal human being.

After working in media for over 10 years, I have decided to devote my coaching to the profession that needs me most!

If you work in media, you are likely working in one of the most stressed out, overworked, and undervalued corporate environments that a person could ever choose to work in and yet you picked it because it was going to allow you to excel in many creative ways. You hoped people would notice your hard work, determination and due diligence and you would be rewarded for your drive and amibition.

You are so gifted in so many ways but you have either not been afforded the opportunity to show your brilliance or you are struggling with that all important time management issue that prevents you from working on the projects that will identify you as a leader in your industry.

You need a coach who can help navigate you through this incredibly stressful position. You more than likely have not been paying attention to your all important intuition that has made you business savvy in the first place!

And you have known for a long time that your dreams have robbed you of living your authentic life — A life where you live out your purpose and passion.
If you are tired of living from a fear based model and want to slow down your pace, care for yourself and deeply and deliberately activate the energy to mutually balance your life and create your dreams then you are ready to work with me and start moving your life in the direction that promotes a healthy yet fulfilling life.

Isn’t it time you learn the art of mindfulness, self care and intuitive connection?

You have the power to attract more of what you want in your life…

Let me help you learn the secrets to changing your life and getting what you want from it.

After a thorough assessment either by phone or in person, I will personally work with you and create a step by step plan that we co-create together designed to address the needed changes that you so badly want in your life. It is private, confidential and strength based work that will give you long lasting strategies that you can apply to all areas of your life. More importantly it will assist you in preventing burnout in a career that promotes stress and anxiety.

You have everything to make your life different…Let me show you what you need to do to create the life you deserve!

What makes me your perfect coach?
I have dedicated my life to sharing the knowledge and skills I have learned and modeled from some of the top leaders in almost every field. I have worked with people for over 30 years in the Midwest and I am the top coach working with people from all walks of life. I have discovered some very clear patterns that promote meaningful success.

Success leaves clues, and I want to teach you the strategies that promote success.

Learn the secret to peak performance that I have used to transform the world’s elite athletes, celebrities, and business leaders.

I have been a columnist for over 8 publications, have written thousands of columns, have hosted 3 radio shows, have appeared regularly as a personal life coach, relationship coach and psychotherapist, for 3 other drive time shows, and have done hundreds of news/lifestyle segments for ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX. I not only see your stress but I have been advising you for years as to what you can do to deal with the rigors of television, radio and marketing.

Help is only a call or email away. Make the commitment to yourself that in 2018 you will FINALLY honor yourself and make your life different.

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