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The Strategy of Weight Loss

As the holiday season approaches research shows that most Americans will gain seven pounds in a two month period. Fifty six percent of the people in this country are overweight. In addition to this sad statistic, there is much research that shows that a typical person gains 10 pounds every 10 years. Without an aggressive intervention we are destined to …

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Forgiveness can be a tough concept for those who have been betrayed, wronged, abused, or hurt. Many of my clients come in because they are tired of feeling hurt, sad, depressed or angry. When I ask them if they are ready to work on the process of forgiveness, they look panic-stricken and admit they don’t know if they are able …

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Developing Optimism

Optimists look at life with a certain zest. They trust in themselves and the process. They have faith that things will work out. They look at obstacles as challenges and they presuppose that they will be able to overcome them. They are positive people and believe that good things come from their hard work. Do you know someone in your …

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Words Shape Attitudes

My colleague and I teach seminars on improving self-esteem and self-confidence. We are frequently asked what is the number one way to convey a sense of confidence. One of the most empowering things a person can do is to speak confidently and with authority. Why? Because words shape attitudes. Self-confidence is an attitude or state of mind. Although clients typically …

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Overcoming Depression

I wanted you to know that October is National Depression Awareness Month. Research indicates that most people will experience at least one of the nine types of depression in their lifetime. Depression ranges from situational to chronic. It can occur due to life’s stressors or because of a chemical imbalance. It can be treated with medication, or without it. Major …

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