Monthly Archive for: ‘December, 2011’

Change Your Reality

Your perception of reality is crucial to your sense of well-being. It is not unusual for human nature to teach us life lessons that can alter how we see reality. As a result, the human psyche develops ways to protect us from any further hurt. As an adult it is your responsibility to revisit the core issues that contributed to …

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Emotional Investment Tools

You learned that healthy relationships are enhanced when you regularly admire, appreciate, respect, communicate with and encourage others. As you look at your relationships, do you cultivate them? Often people want to improve their relationship skills, but they don’t know the tools to make emotional investments into the lives of the people they care about. When you use these tools, …

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Stretching Out of Your Comfort Zone

Is fear keeping you from doing something that has been tugging at your heartstrings? When things get quiet and the distractions are few, is there a nagging feeling that continues to haunt you, reminding you that there is a calling that you are choosing to ignore? I am a believer in the philosophy that you only live once, so it …

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