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Shift That Anxiety

It has become very common for women to suffer from an anxiety disorder at some point in their life. Sometimes it can be situational: your husband loses his job, you get downsized, your child goes off to college, or your real estate business has been affected by the economic crisis. Some women suffer from panic attacks that are unprovoked and …

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Staying Positive Despite the Negative

Life is not what happens to you but how you interpret it. As a result, we are all responsible for how we interpret the normal and not so normal things that happen to us. Everything in our life is a choice and despite the fact that there are a lot of scary things happening in the world right now, we …

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Use Self Parenting To Help Heal the Wounds

Women grow up hoping that they will find the perfect person to help to complete them. Typically what they find is that they attract people into their life that duplicate their family of origin issues. They may have hoped that they would get at least some of their unmet needs from childhood met once they found their partner however they …

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Conflict Breeds Intimacy

It is natural to experience conflict with your spouse. But it is quite likely that you are uncomfortable dealing with it in part because no one taught you how to use it to bring you closer to the person. Conflict is normal and should breed intimacy after it is over. When you and your spouse are in disagreement it is …

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How to Create the Life You Deserve

Are you somebody who easily gets disappointed by others? • Perhaps you have a family who seems to take you for granted and they never seem to put your needs before their own. • It might be that you frequently find that your spouse is oblivious to what you want out of the relationship and you are tired of sounding …

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Defense Mechanisms: Friend or Foe?

Do you look at life realistically or do you find yourself softening situations by looking at life with rose colored glasses? Many times woman will use coping mechanisms to deal with the pain of human behavior. Defense mechanisms can protect you in time of crisis. When used excessively, it creates faulty or distorted thinking. Defense mechanisms help you cope with …

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Happiness How do you attain happiness when it appears that things are crumbling all around you? Well the good news is that happiness is not a byproduct of external things such as wealth, fame or success. Happiness is created from within. It is an attitude which multiplies feelings of gratitude which feeds happiness. When I attended a happiness conference I …

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Back By Popular Demand

This column was created to assist you in getting motivated and achieving your goals to create the life you deserve. Through the years I have asked you to e-mail your concerns, desires, and needs. I want you to consider me your Personal Life Coach/Psychotherapist/Family Counselor. Many of you e-mailed me and expressed disappointment that I did not use January of …

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