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Hypnotherapy Is Not a Magic Cure

I have been a hypnotherapist for over 24 years and one thing I know for sure is that people want hypnosis to be the magic cure. Although hypnosis is a powerful adjunct to therapy it will not replace the hard work that one needs to do to change. After being trained in hypnosis I quickly learned that people were eager …

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The Elephant in the Living Room

I recently worked with a family who had a “big white elephant sitting in their living room”. The husband was an alcoholic and his wife was covering up the problem by making excuses for him. The children knew there was a problem, but knew that they were not allowed to talk about it openly because it would make Dad mad …

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Dealing With Alcoholism

Sometimes clients will come in to that first appointment wanting strategies to assist another family member with their problems especially when addiction is involved. I remember a client of mine, Rod, who was a father of four. He came to my office because his wife had been “getting drunk a lot” and he could no longer tolerate her drinking binges. …

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I recently did a TV segment on overspending and brought with me a client who had over $200,000 of debt. Although she worked full-time and made a decent living, she had accumulated, in a ten-year period, approximately $200,000 worth of credit card debt due to compulsive spending. Her family had little knowledge of her exorbitant spending, although her husband was …

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Are you a workaholic? Do you spend endless hours at work attending to the infinite responsibilities with the general sense that there is more to do than time allows? You may be one of those employees that can’t turn your thoughts off as you leave for the day; consequently, you are never really “present” when you return home, go to …

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