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Body Dysmorphic Disorder

There is a growing epidemic of men and women who hate their bodies and feel such a sense of self-loathing that it keeps them from leading a normal life. I am not talking about the typical concerns or dislikes that might accompany having a large derriere or a thick middle. I am talking about people who have such a distorted …

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Create a Customized Plan:Taking Better Care of Your Body

Do you have a goal for your body? Last week I asked you to look at your body in a different way. Instead of being critical you were asked to identify what you liked about your body. I encouraged you to use the technique of reframing. In a past column you learned that reframing was an important life skill because …

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Food Addiction and Gentle Eating

Now that it’s February and you have had at least six weeks to work on your goals, how are they working for you? Research shows that the number one New Year’s resolution is weight loss. That’s understandable when you think that this country has a 64% obesity rate. Are you one of those people who wake up thinking about what …

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The Strategy of Weight Loss

As the holiday season approaches research shows that most Americans will gain seven pounds in a two month period. Fifty six percent of the people in this country are overweight. In addition to this sad statistic, there is much research that shows that a typical person gains 10 pounds every 10 years. Without an aggressive intervention we are destined to …

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