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The Fear Factor

Fear can keep people from reaching their goals. Unfortunately it holds people hostage on an unconscious or subconscious basis. If a client is resistant to change, I assess the “fear factor.” Fear is an immobilizer–hence, the common description “paralyzed by fear”. When people want to change their life it’s important to spend some time reflecting on what they fear most …

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The Six Basic Fears

Do you avoid change? Most of my clients describe being overwhelmed by the thoughts of starting something new. They are not sure that their present-day responsibilities will be able to “weather” the personal, financial, and emotional changes that are likely to come as a result of the new direction in their lives. Fear keeps them from taking the plunge. It …

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Face Your Fears Head-on

One of the greatest impasses to people getting what they want is fear. Fear tells you what not to do. It keeps you from seeking more from life. It is my job as a Personal Life Coach to assist the client in figuring out how they can move beyond their fears. It sounds simple, but when people have experienced fear …

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