Create a Successful Vision

Last week we talked about the need to believe in yourself if you have a goal or project to accomplish. Having the mental attitude is mandatory to being successful in any venture you undertake.

This week, we will focus on the preparation you must engage in to accomplish your goals. People who are goal-driven typically have a take-charge attitude. This frequently results in a desire to “do it all themselves”. Any successful project requires the assistance of a well-developed team of people who can be the infrastructure and provide the expertise to get the job done.

Do you have a group of people who complement each other? When you have two or more people who can support you and work toward your goals, you are able to produce the synergy to make things happen. They need to be able to think from different vantage points. Are these people represented on your team?
• The idea person. Is there someone on your team who is creative and has the ability to actualize your potential and create ideas that coincide with your vision?
• The analyzer. This individual needs to be able to see the total vision and how it will manifest itself. They need to have an analytic mind and be able to look at the project dimensionally.
• The maven. This person needs to have expertise that coincides with your needs. Having the acquired knowledge gives the team perspective and reduces the possibility of failure.
• The connector. This team member knows the right people so that they can connect you to the right contact people. Connectors know everyone and can put your project in the right hands to promote it properly.
• The pragmatic. This person looks at the project from a practical standpoint. They measure the project for its validity. They critique with diligence. They come up with all of the potential problems ahead of time to save you money, energy, and time.

Now that you have placed the people on your team, examine your project for the following:
1. Does your enterprise benefit the lives of others?
2. Does it have a spiritual component?
3. Is it congruent with your values?
4. Is there a way to make your dream more environmentally friendly?
5. Does your project give back to the world?
6. Is there a backup plan to charitably donate to the less fortunate? Are you willing to give 10% or more back to the universe as a thank-you for your blessings?

If your motivation is based on pure selfishness, self-interest or greed, you will not succeed in the long-term. Stay grounded in your values and implement them to insure success.

Strategically, you need a project that will make a difference and a team to make it happen.. Remember to use coworkers and friends who will be able to help you with this goal and discuss the gifts they bring to the table. As you put your committee or dream team together, it is essential to have a representative who can brainstorm ideas and analyze their strengths and weaknesses. There must be someone who can pragmatically assess the project for problems. Don’t forget to include that maven who has made it their life to know the components of your business or project. Have a connector who can direct you to the right people and places. This will allow you to manifest a dream vision for your business that will make you successful and improve the well being of the world. Remember you are a conduit for success!

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