Do You Use Your Head, Your Heart, or Your Gut?

As you think of your own, life, would you say you operate from your head (intellectually), from your heart (emotionally), or from your gut (intuitively)? People who make the best decisions typically operate from all three. Your mind, emotions, and intuition should all be cooperating and working together to formulate a reality-based plan from which you can operate.

Are you someone who chronically gets involved with the wrong person over and over again, never getting your needs met because you operate from your heart and emotions and you don’t pay attention to your intellect or your intuition? Did you recognize early on in this relationship that this person was not giving back to you the time, attention or money that you were giving to them? And yet you continue to ignore the signs (intellect) in the hope that there will be a payback some day?

People who solely operate from their heart have difficulty finding the right person in their life. They possess “good gut”, but don’t listen to that nagging feeling they get about a person. Their intellect is also developed, but they quickly dismiss it and let their heart do the talking.

Or, are you one of those people who operates from the head and relate to others in a superficial way? Intellects know who they are and intellectually they are there for others, but they can’t commit, because they haven’t developed a comfortable relationship with their emotions. It’s the old saying that “You can’t give what you don’t have.” Meaning, if you aren’t comfortable with your emotions, you can’t share them with someone else.

Every person has intuition, but many people have not been trained to pay attention to what their gut is telling them. Intuition is that “feeling or knowing” about someone or something. It’s when you sense something subconsciously or unconsciously things like, “the phone is about to ring”, or “that person is going to hurt you”, or “that business deal is not the right one”. Historically, we believe that mothers have an innate ability to have a well-developed sense of intuition because it’s a survival skill they learned to because of their child-rearing capabilities.

Some of you may say that you don’t have that skill. Most likely you do have the skill, but you haven’t recognized it inside of you. Laura Day has written a wonderful book called Practical Intuition. It teaches you how to develop your intuition and gives you lots of exercises to practice developing your intuitive skills.

People have the ability to use all three of these powerful internal tools; however, they typically want to gravitate to only using one. If you want to make smarter decisions, pick healthier people and see the world from a holistic perspective, you need to be cognizant and use all three of your tools.

Take some time right now and contemplate which skill you use the most. Are your decisions intellectually-based, heart-driven, or do you operate from a gut feeling? Now, decide which skill you use least. Are you afraid to trust your emotions? Do you ignore your gut feelings, or do you reject your own thoughts and reasoning abilities? Needless to say, the one that you use the least is the one that will require the most development.

If you take some time to develop the least-used internal tool, you will get more out of life and you will be more successful.

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