Dream Making

Dream making is an exciting event. When people set goals or create dreams they need to develop the proper synergy. To create synergy, one must assess whether their lifelines, supports and mentors will enable them to manifest their dreams.

In the One Minute Millionaire, Mark Victor Hanson says, “You will need a team to attain your dreams. Success is not a solo project. Synergy is combining one plus one and getting 11. The synergy often gives you maximum leverage.”

Many people set goals and think that they must do the work all by themselves. Whenever you attempt a project and rely solely on you, you head for burnout because you are missing a key ingredient called synergy. A group of people always outperform individuals. When you create that network of people to support your dreams it is important for each person to complement the group process. You may need to assess whether you have a weak link or a missing link on your team and make adjustments to increase the success of the project.

As you think about your goal, ask yourself who would be on your Dream Committee? You need that infrastructure to assist in replenishing you and doing the things you cannot.

You will also need to create a faith or whole-hearted belief that you will accomplish great things. You will need to develop a partnership with God or the universe and recognize that divine intervention will be needed to manifest your goals.

When you trust in a higher power you are able to “give up” some of the mental worries, which frees you to tap into your own positive energy to back your projects. You will need to create projects that are value-based or driven. Synergy is stimulated when your project or dream is in sync with your values and is in harmony with the general well-being of others. This will multiply the energy and will create a win-win situation for your family, company, or community.

Are there dreams you would like to accomplish for the year? Do you have a vision for how they will affect you and the lives of others? Do you have a belief in yourself, your team, your potential, and the universe? Do you believe that the universe will guide you in your dreams and the process of making them come true?

Just remember, keep the momentum going by being enthusiastic and trusting in both yourself and the project. Believe that the project will materialize. Be flexible. Recognize that often your dreams end up in a different direction than they start. Believe that doors will be opened to other projects of merit, even more spectacular than the original one. This can be a tough concept, because we want what “we want when we want it.” There will be all sorts of barriers and obstacles that could appear to be standing in your way. Look at them as signs that you may need to alter your direction.

Your belief in yourself is the catalyst for great things. As you contemplate, think about the goals, projects, and dreams that you want to accomplish in your life. Then, use the key concept of synergy to assist you in your plans!

Do not minimize your potential. Fearlessly have the courage to explore that potential and the synergy as a catalyst for great things.

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