Good Self-Esteem and Success

As you work towards your goals, it is imperative that you visualize yourself as successful. To be truly successful, you must have a positive self-concept.

People with good self-esteem see themselves in a favorable light. They don’t view the world in negatives…instead; they look at life’s circumstances with a positive spin. They don’t see obstacles as barriers to getting what they want…they look at the situation with exuberance and see the barrier as a challenge to overcome.

Success is a mindset. Successful people believe in themselves. They are able to measure their abilities and yet they separate their self esteem from their accomplishments. They are grounded in knowing who they are regardless of their successes or failures. To do this requires certain skills

Look at Donald Trump, for example. Many people would argue that he is a great businessman, while others might believe him to be a master of manipulation. He clearly knows how to reframe any situation in a positive light. He doesn’t call his bankruptcies failures, he reframes them as reorganizations. Regardless of what you think of Donald Trump, he’s the master at overcoming obstacles.

You may be asking yourself how you can develop good self-esteem. In addition to being able to see the opportunities in all situations, you must be able to positively use self-talk. When something doesn’t go your way, do you say to yourself, “I’m a failure” or do you jump on your own bandwagon and say, “I can figure this out.” If you’re having a bad hair day, do you repeat a negative statement like, “My hair never looks good” or do you focus on something else and tell yourself, “I am glad I like what I’m wearing today.” Your self talk forms your feelings about you and your abilities.

Success is driven by your attitude. You need to project a confident attitude. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, you need to emphasize the positive. People with good self-esteem are self-confident, they project an ability to get the job done and they demonstrate a positive attitude.

So now it is time to do a self assessment.
Do you like who you are? Are there areas of your life in which you feel successful? Do you feed yourself positive thoughts? Can you reframe challenges as opportunities to master? If you practice these skills it will reinforce positive self-esteem, which will increase your sense of confidence, hence creating more success. As always…success starts with you!

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