How do you attain happiness when it appears that things are crumbling all around you? Well the good news is that happiness is not a byproduct of external things such as wealth, fame or success. Happiness is created from within. It is an attitude which multiplies feelings of gratitude which feeds happiness. When I attended a happiness conference I was taught that gratitude and focusing on staying in the moment were two essential ingredients found in happiness quotient. Marci Shimoff researched the subject and found that people could increase their happiness if they practiced 3 essential laws cited below.

The Law of Universal Support
I began to notice that my clients had similar experiences. Take Julie who had been downsized from a high paying media job where she made over $150,000 to manage radio programming. When she lost her position she told herself that she would never would have had the courage to leave such a position because she had always “played it safe.” She believed that her termination was pushing her towards consultation and working on her own which had been a dream of hers for over 5 years. She told me, “Maybe this is the universe’s way of saying “Julie you can do great things once you break out of you comfort zone” As a result, she did not see herself as a victim She started to pursue other companies who would benefit from her expertise. She felt that the Universe was there to support her which gave her the CONFIDENCE to take her life to the next level!

The Law of Abundance
My clients Tim and Terry contacted me because they felt that their marriage was dead. They reported that they had fallen out of love with each other but knew they should stay together because of the kids. I felt like they had come to see me to get permission to go their separate ways. I asked them if they were willing to learn and practice some techniques before they threw in the towel? They half heartedly agreed they would try but they weren’t convinced that what you appreciate…appreciates! I suggested that they practice the Law of Abundance. I explained that they should focus on the strengths they saw within the marriage and if they truly focused on the positives, it would likely encourage more positive feelings in their relationship. They quickly realized that when they focused on what was wrong in the relationship it created a feeling of scarcity but when they worked from a place of abundance, they saw more potential. I need not tell you that after 90 days their relationship was renewed and they recommitted themselves to each other.

The Law of Attraction
Sandy wanted a relationship but came in complaining that she just did not believe that it would ever happen. Secretly I felt that she was sabotaging herself unconsciously so I gave her the assignment to find things in her life that would fill her with love and joy. I knew she would have more luck if she filled herself with the feeling she so desperately wanted. She started playing guitar, spent more time with her nieces and adopted a puppy. Needless to say her increased sense of happiness attracted several men who had much to offer her but then when you practice all the love in your life…you attract it.

Do you need to increase your happiness factor? Which law might you practice to bring more happiness into your life?

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