Staying Positive Despite the Negative

Life is not what happens to you but how you interpret it. As a result, we are all responsible for how we interpret the normal and not so normal things that happen to us. Everything in our life is a choice and despite the fact that there are a lot of scary things happening in the world right now, we still get to decide how to view life and how we choose to relate to it. When you ascribe to this philosophy, you will find yourself happier, healthier and more adept at conquering your daily routine.

If you want to enjoy life to the fullest, you will likely need to put your focus on how you appreciate your day. It often helps if you create some rituals that remind you to practice your appreciation daily. The more you appreciate it…it will appreciate!

I have no doubt that many of you have your own techniques and practices keep you focused on gratitude and positive empowerment. We all need to spread these mindsets to remind others that life has much to offer even when it appears so uncertain.

One of my daily rituals occurs at the moment that I wake up when I begin to list 10 things that I feel grateful for. This typically includes my health, my puppy, my husband who tucks me in every night, my girlfriends who nurture me, my books that I religiously get from the library, my clients who teach me as much about life as I teach them, my power walks that remind me that I am vibrant and strong….you get the idea. Sometimes I step up my list by including things that have nothing to do with me and are a creation of life itself like the sun, the clean air, the starry nights, the natural fragrance of the flowers, the incredible colors that make up a typical day. If you were to spend 3 minutes appreciating your life….what might you include?

If you watch the movie/documentary “The Secret” you may remember that one of the commentators put a stone in his pocket and each time he reached into his pocket it reminded him to account for something that was working in his life…something he felt grateful for.

You remember the church that challenged its parishioners to wear a “no complaints band” and when they caught themselves complaining they would need to put it on the other wrist. Their goal was to go 21 days without complaining.

Successful people view their circumstances from the “glass is half full mentality.” It doesn’t take away from the realities of life but it does empower them to not feel so afraid or so victimized. Not only does it promote good mental health but it creates a healthier energy that will uplift others.
So what might you do to create this mindset in your own life? Spend a few moments asking yourself how you can turnaround your own fearful, anxious or negative thoughts so that you can view things differently or balance them with the good things that are everywhere around you. Role modeling these behaviors will dramatically influence your kids, co-workers, friends and family.
One of my favorite quotes comes from Victor Frankyl who survived the Nazi war camps by living out the philosophy….

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