Success Strategies to Enhance the Quality of Life

How would you grade the quality of your life? As you examine your daily existence, do you feel content with yourself and your relationships at home and at work? Are you satisfied with who you are as a person? Are you satisfied with your life circumstances? Being a mentally healthy person requires a balance between enjoying your life exactly as it is and striving for self-improvement.

Do you appreciate the present as opposed to the future? If I were to ask you to list things in your life that you appreciated exactly as they are, could you do it? Contentment requires that you appreciate your circumstances and look at ways to grow from them.

Do you notice what is going right in your life? The feeling of happiness, serenity, and contentment comes from a gentle knowing that there are good things in your life that can be appreciated if you choose to notice them. It is a choice, because it is this type of thinking that combats depression and anxiety. When life’s circumstances appear fearful and dark, it’s important to put them in the proper perspective. In other words, you need to look at the bigger picture and notice the things that are going well or that you can appreciate exactly as they are.

Do you focus on the positives? If your child is being disrespectful, do you also recognize that he does not always act this way? If your friends consistently let you down, do you say to yourself that this is a sign to increase your social circle to access more support? It really is imperative that you focus on the positives of any situation; no matter how devastating they may feel. Again, it requires that you look at your thinking differently and as you begin to focus on the negatives, you must make a conscious choice to turn it around to a positive.

Do you notice the progress? I tell clients that it’s progress, not perfection that they need to strive for. When a client only loses one-quarter of a pound, it’s time to celebrate, because this is the equivalent to losing one butter stick off of their body. This may require that they practice using a different type of thinking style called incremental thinking. This actually assures that they notice and acknowledge the progress.

Another strategy that keeps you optimistic and enthused is creating goals that can be accomplished daily. Instead of choosing goals that keep you future-oriented, pay attention to what you can achieve on a daily basis that will allow you an opportunity to applaud your efforts and feed the need for success on a regular basis. It really makes a difference in reinforcing the changes you make when you can notice them daily.

You have to create the mindset I call faith mentality- knowing that small changes make the difference. I call it the ripple effect. One small stone in a pond can actually create miles of ripples.

In retrospect, it’s important for you to do the following:
1. Enjoy and appreciate your present life circumstances.
2. Know your strengths and access them with regularity.
3. Notice what’s working for you.
4. Focus on the positives.
5. Look for steady, incremental changes.
6. Recognize your progress.
7. Achieve daily goals that compound your success.

Take a moment and assess which strategies you use in your daily living. Look for ways to implement the other strategies to improve the quality of your life. Incorporate them daily and feel the contentment and serenity that occurs as a result.

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