The Miracle of Slowing Down

Live Your Best Life

Live Your Best Life

I love to be busy and creative. I am the kind of woman who loves to schedule myself with as much activity as I can possibly fit in….I don’t even like to sleep because I am afraid that I will miss something! My motto is to work hard and play hard which reminds me that my life is full.

Now being a psychotherapist means that I have self reflected on this drive and I believe that it is in my DNA to be busy and it wasn’t until I studied with a Master—Dr. Patrick Carnes that I realized that it was not good for me to be so busy. Not only was it not good for me but it might have be counterproductive to who I am and what I want to do in my life.

For years I have had this intuitive knowing that I needed to slow down if I were going to develop and implement projects that needed real focus and attention. But I did what so many others have done in the past and kept putting it off…attending to the daily rigors of life. I ignored that intuitive wisdom that told me that if I wanted to actualize my potential…I needed to slow down, breath, meditate and wait for GOD to guide me in the right direction.

Then as I went into a training with Dr. Carnes he singled me out for “my love of work” and explained that my “business” was not really healthy. He explained that the brain needs to rest and that I was doing my brain a great injustice to work long  hours, seeing hundreds of clients a month, and avoiding sleep in the process. As I continued to protest that my work gave me energy and I loved working with clients he gently put me in my place by reiterating that when I stay that busy that I am not allowing my brain to rest. Nor am I  as good of a therapist as I might like to believe. He also said that although I spend time with my husband and have datenights and have regular weekly time with my best friend …my relationships are also suffering and that I needed to realize the impact it has on my life.

Well, he convinced me that not only was I doing myself a personal disservice but truly…I was putting my relationships in jeapordy… Nothing like a little guilt to assist me in changing my ways! So after a year of preparation, I decided to  quit my job which required me to see 41 clients in a week and work 1 minute from home to increase the ease of getting to work. With the new job comes the  extra coordination to seek benefits and preparation for retirement but once I have that in place, it will be smooth sailing and I will be living the life that I was meant to live! What would it take for you to simplify your life and slow it down? I would like to challenge you to do the same and live your best life!

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