The Personality Inventory Test

Today you will be learning more about your personality and how it affects your ability to manage your life effectively. Below are ten indicators of a well adjusted “life manager”. These indicators are reflective of your personality style. How many of the ten life skills do you employ in your day-to-day life?

Self-EnjoymentDo you enjoy life, especially the simple moments? People with a healthy zest for life are able to get excited when they walk outside, watch their children play, or pick up a good book.

Are you flexible? People who go with the flow and adapt to daily changes manage their lives more effectively.

Do you ask for what you need? Successful life managers have no qualms about delegating their work and then trusting in the process. Contrary to what you might think, good life managers do not micromanage their employees, their children, or their spouses.

Goal Setting

Do you strive to meet new goals? A person who wants to better himself is always in the process of self-actualization. They typically challenge themselves to move out of their comfort zones to experience new opportunities for growth.

Are you a positive person? It is important to see the good in any situation. This requires that you train yourself to learn from difficulties and struggles and stay positive about what they can teach you.

Do you contribute to life? Every individual needs to believe that they make a difference in this world. Take a look at your relationships. At work, within your family, and in your community. Do you see yourself as having a positive impact on them?

Are you mindful of the moment? It is essential to be able to spend time “just being”, whether you do this through meditation, prayer, yoga, or any activity that allows you to calm yourself and empty your mind of all the clutter that occurs on a daily basis.

Feeling IdentificationDo you recognize your feelings and deal with them appropriately? People who are comfortable with their feelings are less likely to repress (store them), suppress (stuff them), or minimize them. As a result, they not only have a greater sense of how they feel, but they also end up being more connected to their true selves. When you recognize and express feelings appropriately, you have better self-esteem and you build better relationships.

Balanced LifestyleDo you pace yourself and have a manageable load? A well-adjusted life manager takes the opportunities, but balances them with rest, relaxation, and stimulation. They do not take on too much; consequently, their energy is well maintained for their projects, family, friends, and themselves. In other words, they don’t feel fragmented.

Self-Esteem Do you consider yourself to be well adjusted? A person who has a healthy self-concept is happier and more successful in life.

SCORING: If you possess eight out of the ten life skills, you are doing a great job of managing your life. If you identified five- to seven of the life skills that you are currently using, you might want to look at some of the other skills and work on adding them to your repertoire to make life more manageable. If you use less than four of these life skills, you will likely need assistance from a professional to help you to shape your life differently.

These personality characteristics are paramount in creating healthy life skills that make your life work for you.

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