The Strategy of Weight Loss

As the holiday season approaches research shows that most Americans will gain seven pounds in a two month period. Fifty six percent of the people in this country are overweight. In addition to this sad statistic, there is much research that shows that a typical person gains 10 pounds every 10 years. Without an aggressive intervention we are destined to stay overweight. Do you want to be one of those statistics?

Weight loss requires a lifelong strategy. When you think about losing weight, do you think about what you will have to do for the rest of your life to ensure success? Why is it that millions of Americans report weight loss to be their number one goal, yet they don’t develop the needed infrastructure to accomplish their goal? To be successful, you need to look at weight loss from the emotional, physical, and social aspect.

Psychologically, are you ready to develop some long-term habits to maximize success? Most people want to lose weight, but sadly enough they are not motivated to do the thing that they will need to do to guarantee weight loss. You ABSOLUTELY have to be ready to change your life. Not for the next three weeks, but for the rest of your life.

Can you really say that you’re ready to alter your routine to make your dreams happen? You must develop the proper mindset and reprogram your thoughts. Instead of focusing on depravation, you need to shift your thinking in positive ways. For example, “I am working toward fitness.” “I feel in control.” “I am making better choices.” “I am working toward a normal weight.”

From the physical standpoint it is imperative that you increase your activity, your metabolic rate, and your muscle-to-fat ratio. Are you ready to incorporate daily exercise into your routine?

Have you addressed how you will handle social events? I just talked with a woman who said that the holidays were full of celebrations and she wasn’t ready to give that up. She is clearly not ready to lose weight. She will have the holidays to contend with for the rest of her life and the only way she will be successful with weight loss is to create alternatives to her old eating habits. Love desserts? Bring a low-calorie choice to enjoy. Have two gatherings to attend? Work out twice as long and tell yourself you will not sit in the dining room where all of the food is housed.

Emotionally, are you ready to find alternatives to medicating your feelings with food? How would your life be different if when you came home from work, you cleaned out a closet instead of running to the pantry? Feeling bored or lonely? Could you substitute writing a couple of cards to special people to replace eating that half-bag of chips or cookies while watching TV? The truth is that most of us eat to medicate feelings and then it becomes a habit that is familiar and comfortable. Your life won’t change until you have some good alternatives to substitute for mindless eating.

The bottom line is that you have to change your behavior to obtain the desired results. My recommendation would be that you sit down and write out your strategy to effectively lose weight. You know what you need to do. Now, put it all together to make your life different. Stop putting it off! You deserve to feel good about you. Let’s make the holidays a time when you lose weight instead of gaining it. What a great present to give to you!

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