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Carol is now offering guidelines, insights and exercises to help address the four most commonly faced issues by adults today! Purchase her series of four books to begin a journey of discovery and self improvement in goal setting, relationships, self esteem and faith.

“Unleash Your Potential” Books and Audio Books

I really would like for you to take part in a personal journey to improve your sense of self, your relationships and start setting goals to make your life happen.

So I am offering these 4 books with 4 audio downloads of each book so that you can listen to the workbooks on your mp3 players and work on the manuals at your convenience. You can listen to these workbooks whenever and wherever you want.

Personal Development never got this easy. This offer would normally cost $140.00 however you can order it today for only $79.00.  Carol wants you to work on the 4 areas of your life that require the most work.  Don’t cheat yourself, buy these books and CD’s today and start living the life you deserve!
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Creative Coaching…65 Empowerment Secrets to Create the Life You Deserve!
I have compiled the most effective exercises to move you past all the internal and external blocks so that you can be the best that you can be! This manual teaches you 65 life skills that will activate your potential through the empowerment principals that you can live by on a daily basis. The exercises in this manual help you to focus on your strengths and move you forward in your life!In this book you will get the concepts and theories that will set you up to change those blocks that keep you from creating the life you deserve. You will get step by step instructions as to how to do each exercise! This will be your own personal journal as you commit to changing your life!

Client Manual  $19.95 +$5.95 s&h


Creative Coaching: 65 Empowerment Exercises to Coach Your Client into Excellence For the Coach:
This manual is for the professional who wants to teach these skills to your clients, whether you own a business, run a counseling center or coach clients from your home. I have written a manual that specifically assists you in guiding your clients into excellence! It provides you with step by step instructions for the implementation of these exercises including the typical objections or blocks a client may face as they self actualize.

Coach Manual  $19.95 + $5.95 s&h



Shortcuts to Creating a Postive Self Esteem

This workbook is designed to walk the reader through a course of self discovery and motivation to make step-by-step changes in attitude and behavior. This book will help you create the life you deserve!

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Improving Relationships: A Couple’s Workbook
This workbook provides shortcuts, tools and skill building exercises that will enhance any relationship. Whether used individually or as a couple, the manual will help you identify and address the core issues faced by couples today.

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Setting Goals Creates Success
Everyone wants success yet many find it extremely elusive. Setting Goals Creates Success uncovers insights, motivation and exercises to help you meet your personal, relationship and professional goals.

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Finding Your God-Given Dream

When you learn to listen to God and give your fears to Him, you will learn to trust yourself and your dreams. Finding Your God-Given Dream highlights the important role spirituality plays in life. Learn how further understanding of God and faith can put you on a righteous path to your dreams.

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Group Work For Women

This unique manual highlights a dynamic group approach for women, that decreases reliance on individual therapy while simultaneously teaching how to create q network of support.  It offers creative strategies and over 50 exercises that utilize anchoring and visualization. it also offers a format to teach improved self esteem and life skills. It outlines how dynamic group therapy improves clinical outcomes and client satisfaction while holding down costs.

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CDs, Tapes, and Journals — ONLY $10 +2.95 s&h

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Body Image Makeover
Hypnosis CD/Tape.
Carol’s soothing voice guides the listener on a journey. From infancy to womanhood and those awkward periods in between, the listener will explore feelings,relationships, sexuality, and all stages of change and development. Carol’s words help the listener accept, embrace,     and celebrate their body. 

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss
Hypnosis CD/Tape.
Carol’s comforting recitation will help the listener gain control over eating and exercise habits. Her words allow the listener to visualize weight loss goals and go forward to meet those goals with enthusiasm and desire for change. 

Anxiety Reduction Techniques
Hypnosis CD/Tape.
Carol helps the listener retrain thinking and access choices in times of anxiety. The therapeutic recording teaches the listener techniques to replace anxiety with pleasant visualizations and memories designedto slow the body down and reverse feelings of worry and nervousness. 


Carol the Coach Series Booklets Only $5 each. OR Buy all 7 for $35! (plus s&h – $2.95 each or $7.95 for all 7)

With years of experience as a therapist, a columnist, a speaker and a radio & TV personality, Carol has compiled a wealth of knowledge on a variety of self-help topics. These booklets will be your guide on the path to wellness. To place an order, select from the covers or click on the “add to cart” link corresponding to the booklet of your choice. Purchase all 7 titles here  or purchase them individually below.





By Carol Juergensen Sheets aka Carol the Coach. This ebook is available in the following downloadable formats: pdf (for reading on PC or MAC), epub (iPad, Nook, and most ebook readers), mobi (Amazon Kindle).Historically, sex addicts have had to rely on individual therapy and 12 Step support to enhance their recovery. Group work is a crucial element to recovery but is typically only provided in residential and hospital settings. Addicts have often times been traumatize early in their own childhoods and group intervention provides the supportive environment to do out patient trauma work.

This manual will highlight group exercises that have been essential to therapeutic change and recovery. It utilizes a 15 week approach to managing anger, conflict and trauma. It teaches empathy and assertiveness so that the client can improve his or her relationships outside of the therapeutic alliance.

This book is for clinicians who want a hands on approach to running a sexual addictions group. It will take you from week 1 through week 15 giving you exercises to promote therapeutic change and recovery.

Available as eBook for $9.95   ORDER >>

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Sexual Addiction - Wisdom From The Masters

Compiled by Carol Juergensen Sheets, aka Carol The Coach: This ebook is available in the following downloadable formats: pdf (for reading on PC or MAC), epub (iPad, Nook, and most ebook readers), mobi (Amazon Kindle).This ebook shares the wisdom from the most prolific sexual addiction experts in the world talking about sexual addiction, shame, trauma, trauma reenactment, partner betrayal, partner pain, love addiction, and other issues that contribute to compulsive sexual acting out.
Two of the chapters include Patrick Carnes who founded the Sexual Addiction Recovery Movement and Claudia Black who helps Partners of Sex Addicts regain their equilibrium from this traumatic disorder. This book simplifies the principles that make recovery possible for anyone who has been affected by sexual addiction.
If you believe that you have a sexual addiction or you love someone who suffers from this addiction, you will benefit from reading the recovery tasks that will take your life to the next level!

Available as an eBook for $9.95   ORDER >>

Available in print for $19.95 + $5.95 s&h