In the Media- Her Experience

Carol has had 3 radio shows on WXNT, on WIBC 1070 AM and on WIBC 93.1 FM. Each show educated the listener on life skills and allowed listeners to call and get help for their very personal problems.

Carol the Coach Live Call In Show WIBC 93.1FM

Carol had her own live call in show on radio station WIBC. “Sex, Love, and Relationships with Carol the Coach”

She is also a columnist for Indy Metro Woman, The Daily Journal, Indy Sports-The Men’s Magazine and Healthy Living with Teresa Tanoose.

Carol wrote the popular Indianapolis Star Column called “The Coach” For a sample of her columns press the Articles button that will link you to compelling topics.

Carol with co-hosts Monique & The Man (Todd) doing her weekly segment on 97.1 “Sex on the Circle.” Carol has provided information on sexual& relationships issues on the air.

Carol has a regular segment on Fox59 called “Building a Better You”

Workshops and Seminars

Couples Workshop

Intimate relationships provide the greatest opportunity for self-growth. Most everyone searches for increased intimacy, improved communication and closeness.

This workshop focuses on tools that will enhance your ability to connect with your partner.

  • You will learn strategies to improve your ability to appreciate each other.
  • You will gain skills that will allow you to let go of past resentments and anger.
  • You will learn to let your guard down and trust again!
  • This will automatically allow you to deepen your ability to trust, communicate and love.

All relationships weather the storms. Isn’t it time you learn how to prioritize your marriage and make it the best it can be? You will leave this workshop with a vision of how you can keep the relationship thriving by gaining the powerful tools to strengthen your intimate connection!

Register now by emailing Carol and find out dates of upcoming workshops.

Goal Setting Workshop
Are you a person with loads of potential but clearly never seems to make things happen?
Participants leave this seminar with: a clear goal statement, a customized action plan to accomplish goals, and three life changing skills that influence one’s ability to create significant, meaningful and fulfilling life strategies.

  • Identify what areas of your life need improvement
  • Learn strategies to tackle obstacles
  • Understand how fears are holding you back
  • Learn positive self talk and other techniques to harness the power of the mind
  • Develop discipline and focus to enhance goal actualization

Register now by emailing Carol and find out dates of upcoming workshops.

“Law of Attraction” Workshop

Get What You Want Out of LifeIn this workshop you will learn the following principals: Learn the Art of Attracting What You Want Out of Life. Your thoughts set out a magnetic signal that attracts back to you what your thoughts are generating. Learn how to stop thinking negatively and instead create positive thoughts.

You Are the Master of Your Own Life. Learn how to navigate your feelings to change your thoughts.


Develop Unwavering Faith

Train yourself to already believe that you have the goal that you are going for and it will manifest itself with the help of your thoughts and your action plan.

If you are tired of not getting what you need out of life … you must change your thoughts, beliefs and feelings. This workshop will teach you the skills to change your life. You will then be given the opportunity to work with Carol one on one or in a group to hold you accountable to reaching your potential.

Register now by emailing Carol and find out dates of upcoming workshops.

Indy’s Child
Pick up a free copy of Indy’s Child and read about Carol’s practical parenting strategies. Each month Carol deals with the tough issues parents face on a daily basis.

Her “Carol the Coach” Column provides parents the support they need to navigate through the rigorous trials and errors found in parenting. You can find the magazine at your local Marsh Supermarkets or your local library.


Interested in Having Carol Write for You?
Carol is currently writing for a variety of publications including Indy Metro Woman, Indy Kids Directory, The Daily Journal, Methodist Medical Group Newsletter, the IU Wellness Newsletter and more. If you are interested in having Carol write a column for your organization or publication, contact her at

Carol with Oprah’s Sex Education Specialist Laura Berman

Carol doing bimonthly life skills segments on FOX59’s Morning Show with Katt and Tracy.

Carol was trained personally by John Gray, who authors the Venus and Mars Relationship Series.

Carol with author Joan Borsyko enjoying lunch after they presented together for The Balance Your Life Workshop.

Carol with Mastin Kipp at his book launch party. Mastin is a blogger for The Daily Love, and his new book is Growing Into Grace. Carol believes he is a revolutionary visionary!