TV Appearances

Carol Responds to the State Fair Tragedy
Carol gives hope and encouragement to the community as they face fear and grief. She was asked by the media to give practical skills to assist the community in dealing with their feelings and fears.



The 3 Laws of Happiness:
No matter what adversity you face in your life…applying the 3 laws of happiness will guarantee that you will appreciate your life experiences and deal with life with more enthusiasm and passion.

Change Your Life One Word at a Time:
If you have trouble following through with goal setting, watch this segment for a new way to change your life forever.

Resiliency – The Most Important Life Skill:
Do you see yourself as a victim or a survivor? When something difficult happens in your life, do you ask yourself, “How can I grow stronger from it?” If not, maybe you need to implement more resiliency into your life.
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The Attitude of Gratitude:
The Law of Attraction says that whatever you focus on…you get more of. In other words, “What you appreciate…appreciates!” Learn how gratitude assists you in getting more of what you want in your life.

The Miracle on the Hudson:
Watch Carol discuss the miracle that happened on the Hudson River.

The 5 Love Languages
Learn the 5 simple ways of improving your relationship forever. Once you learn these skills, your relationship will deepen and you will feel more satisfied with your loved ones.
*Listen to Carol’s radio interview with Dr. Gary Chapman who explains The 5 Love Languages in detail.

How to Reduce Anxiety in These Uncertain Times
You have the power to control your reactions to the stress that occurs in these uncertain times. Find out what YOU can do to manage the stress in your life.

4 Tools of Conflict:
It is likely that no one ever taught you how to handle conflict. Learn a 4 Step formula that will make it easy for you to deal with difficult people who are constantly trying to make you feel bad. *After you have viewed this segment, hit this link and it will take you straight to a presentation I did on The 4 Tools of Conflict.

The Indy Channel: YouTube Family Feud Highlights Online Dangers: January 2010
Carol was sought out as an expert on hostile mob mentality. She discusses how important it is to follow your gut when you feel the feeling of fear. **Make sure to watch the video under “Related To Story”