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Working with Gifted Kids featuring Christine Turo-Shields

Christine Turo-Shields

Intellectually gifted children can be both “delightful and draining.” They are special needs kids on the other end of the IQ spectrum. It’s hard to tell them to “act their age” because their age is so variable. In this video podcast you will learn how to best deal with some of the more difficult parts of giftedness (i.e. brain lock, transition, asynchrony, over-excitabilities, anxiety, and perfectionism.)

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Anxiety with Christine Turo-Shields

Christine Turo-Shields

Do You Know How To Manage Anxiety? In this video podcast, Carol and Christine talk about easy ways to manage anxiety that are 100% within a person’s ability and control! Take a moment and see how you can learn simple techniques that will change your life. To attend Carol’s groups call (317) 253 – 0708.

Carol and Christine talk about how to manage anxiety. Make sure to visit Christine’s website:

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Do you get defensive or feel inadequate when people get angry with you? Perhaps you feel immobilized by other’s anger and you “just take it” because YOU hate dealing with the conflict. Carol has a simple approach to help you see, feel and react to the conflict differently. You will no longer feel denfensive or criticized when someone is mad at you. Learn the approach that will change your feelings about conflict forever!

Decision Making: Using Your Head, Heart and Gut

In this video you will learn the 3 step formula to making healthy decisions.

When you identify the situation using your intellect, your emotions and your intuition you will quickly be able to make healthy choices that will help you live the life you deserve. You will also learn the “2 vs. 1” formula that will never steer you wrong!

The Five Primary Feelings

There are really only 5 primary feelings. This video shows you that when you identify the PRIMARY feeling you will be much more likely to mobilize your energy and use the feeling to change your life. This is a great concept for adults and a wonderful way to teach kids how to recognize their feelings.